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Margie Gilbert ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



My Story

"I never knew it would change my life" - Margie

How joining the Scentsy family changed my life and gave me a passion to use my story to help others achieve their own personal goals

As a child, I was a confident little thing.  My family would say that I had never met a stranger and would sing, smile and wave at anybody and everybody.  That "free-spirit" little girl did not have it easy as a child and was exposed to hardships that no child should have to see. I was bullied in school for being fat and tried to keep to my small circle of friends or my nose in books as much as possible.  Somewhere along the way, I lost that confidence and that infectious smile. When beginning college, I convinced myself I wasn't smart enough to complete it. Then, my life changed completely when I became a mother in 2003.  I had post-partum depression and had no idea that is what I was experiencing. The only thing I knew was that I did not want to be away from my son and I needed to help with family bills. I joined 4 direct sales companies at various times over the next 7 years after Caleb was born and I failed at every single one before finding Scentsy in August 2010. Little did I know, it would change my entire life.

In the past 12 years with Scentsy, I have achieved multiple monthly sales awards, multiple trainer awards, and now I have recently passed $160,000.00 in lifetime sales. I have received 6 promotions in rank, earning Star Director in August 2020, I have earned trips; a cruise to Cozumel, a week at Walt Disney World with my family, a week in Anaheim for Scentsy Family Reunion and Disneyland and exclusive product! I am not telling you this to blow my own horn, I am letting you know that if I can do it, I promise that you can too! Little by little, that confidence I had as a child is coming back. The more I prove to myself that I cannot let my past define me the more I want to show the world my abilities!!
My BIG dream for my Scentsy business is to inspire others to take hold of their own futures and succeed beyond anything they thought possible. 

I want to change lives. One home, one scent, one dream at a time...

Being a part of my team The Scent Experience means: We SHINE light - We love each other - We go to SCENTSY EVENTS - We work HARD - We don't give up - We DON'T SAY I CAN'T - We Empower - We INSPIRE - We FAIL, then we GET UP! WE RISE!!!

What's warming in my home